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Corp Guard

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Company security is an issue containing a lot of meanings. Confidential data leaks, undesired actions, incompetence and fraud are only some of potential threats. Threats connected to the weakest link in every corporation - an employee.

Corp Guard

The Corp Guard System resolves all of those problems. After installing a stealth Corp Guard application, activity of employee computer is fully monitored. Complete activity reports are available for the Supervisor through a secure web page. There is no limit of controlled computers - every report can be accessed with a single click!

The Corp Guard System was designed for improving work efficiency, therefore using the Supervisor Panel is intuitive and doesn't require any training. Worldwide accessible, easy to use and effective - that's the Corp Guard System.

Corp Guard supervisorThe Corp Guard Supervisor Reports include data such as time spent with any application, on every web page, etc. For detailed activity status, there is also a full-time mouse and keyboard activity chart available.

Most important Corp Guard features, due to our Clients opinions are:
  • easy to use - the only thing a supervisor needs is a web browser
  • clear expense policy - one year license for every monitored computer
  • reliability - transparent monitoring software, operated from the Supervisor Panel

European Union product

The Corp Guard System is 100% European Union product

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